Mist Lily

Closed Species by Arusuko

Mist Lily are the core of the clouds. They would appear at certain times of the day and they have the power to regulate the weather depending on their own element. They would sometimes land in rural areas on earth and interact with the human through telepathy.
★Hugging a Mist Lily may relief your stress because they are super soft and cuddly.


Species Lifestyle

  • They can not talk verbally and but they can interact with the human through telepathy. 

  • They dislike crowded areas and would usually land in rural areas.

  • They are ultimately a form of mist therefore they can go through object or walls. 

  • They don't need to sleep or eat, however, they can still ingest food and the food can affect their appearance for a short period of time. 

  • Lily will only move around through floating with their power, they don't walk.


Species Trait



Lily doesn't have pupils, they would have a plain iris, sometimes there will be patterns appearing inside the iris.

MYO tickets

You can only make a closed species character if you have a Make Your Own ticket, if you are interested in purchasing one. Please contact me via any platforms listed here. MYO tickets are just a permission ticket to make a character, you will have to either commission an artist or draw one yourself.

All MYO needs to be accessed before you publish the design and the design will be published on this site as a record.

You can only make one character from one ticket.

Mist Lily Standard


All colour palettes 
Plain eyes
Any outfit
Long hair 
One set of wings

Mist Lily Rare


All colour palettes 
Plain or patterned eyes
Any outfit
Long or short hair 
Multiple set of wings (maximum 3 sets)

Mist Lily Special


Special traits (other types of wings, kemonomimi, tails or horns)
All colour palettes 
Plain or patterned eyes
Any outfit
Long or short hair 
Multiple set of wings (maximum 4 sets)




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