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The following prices are for personal use only.

Currency is in USD, payments will be made through Paypal Invoice.

Current commission status:  Waitlist Open

Check your commission progress here

1383bg sample.jpg

Digital Illustration

Anime-style illustration with simple or no background


Starting from $55

Avatar (Drawn to chest area)

  • Starting Price $55

  • Additional Character: $40/chara

3/4 body  (Drawn to thigh area)

  • Starting Price $85

  • Additional Character: $65/chara

Full body 

  • Starting Price $105

  • Additional Character: $80/chara


​Illustrations that can be printed into a physical dakimakura.

The price includes two sides, NSFW requests are also accepted


Starting Price $215

*Please arrange dakimakura printing yourself and inform me ahead of time if you have special printing requirements.

Default canvas size: 50x160cm 300 dpi

1318- copysample
1338 sample

Chibi & Emote Stickers

Starting Price $15

Full body chibi

  • Starting Price $35

  • Additional Character: $30/chara

Emote stickers 

  • Standard price: $15

  • $12 each for 5 or more stickers

  • $10 each for 20 or more stickers

*Sticker discount can not be combined with any other discount.


Character design/custom

character design

character design

Character design commission.jpg

Character design commission.jpg

character design

character design

outfit design

outfit design

character design

character design

character design

character design

outfit design

outfit design

design process example

design process example

design process example

Custom designs include three idea sketches and the client will choose one design to finalise. 

Full body custom design $125

​Include a full-body front view illustration with 2 alternate facial expressions and a character reference sheet.

  • Add full-body back view: +$85

  • Add an extra facial expression: +$5

  • Add NSFW base: +$65 per side

  • Add an extra outfit: +$65 per side

  • Add damaged outfit version: +$50

Outfit design only: $115

Full body illustration 

Please see the last image as a process example. 

Live2D layered illustration

live2d past example -29.jpg

live2d past example -29.jpg

live2d past example -29.jpg

live2d past example -30.jpg

live2d past example -30.jpg

live2d past example -30

Past Live2D illustration commission

Past Live2D illustration commission



Layering example

Layering example

Layering example

Layered digital illustration that can be used for Vtuber streaming*

Starting price:

  • $300 full body

  • $190 for half body (drawn to chest area)

Price varies depending on difficulties.

Standard price will have these components: face with standard expression with closed and open mouth, hair, neck, chest, body, upper and lower arms, hands, and legs.

Additional charges:

  • +$30 design fee for new characters

  • +$50-70 for additional outfit

  • +$25 for each additional hand pose 

  • +$20-30 for additional hairstyle

  • +$10 for each additional facial expression

  • +$10-$20 for extra props

I will provide a PSD file with components drawn on separate layers.

*Rigging is not included, the price is only for the layered illustration.

Extra Options

Extra details

Pricing will vary depending on the requirement.

  • Detailed background (e.g. beach/park/bedroom)

  • Extra prop

+$25-$55 for each option

Add variations

while keeping the same pose in the illustration

  • NSFW variation

  • Additional outfit

+$25-$40 for each variation

  • Alternate facial expression

+$10-$20 for each expression

Animate illustration

Animate finished illustration

See example here

  • Blinking animation +$15

  • Hair animation +$30

  • Mouth movement +$10

  • Dress movement +$30

  • Body animation +$35-$60 depending on the requirement

  • Flowing/sparkling particle +$5

Free extra flowing/sparkling particle animation if you select two or more animation add on. 

Private commission

I will not post the finished illustration anywhere.

+10% per illustration

*there's not additional charges if you wishes to have the work published with a watermark or low-res version. Please advise me of your preference when you request the commission.

Discount offer

10% off the total price when you request 3 or more illustrations at once.

Can not be applied with any other offers.
You can ask for a partial payment plan.

Fan discount

I will offer 10% off for non-private, SFW commissions that only have characters in the anime I listed.

Request Commission

Please fill in the commission request form below and send it to me via the social media platform that you prefer. 

You can also use the application form underneath this page and I will get back to you by email.

Commission request form

Title: Commission-[name]

Type: headshot/chibi/dakimakura/full body

Reference: image or description of the character/pose/outfit

​​Character personality: playful/quiet/tsundere etc.

Other request: private commission/additional outfit


arusuko (old username formate arusuko#3182)

To avoid your email been marked as spam, please insert images into email texts instead of compressing files into zip. You can also use online albums such as imgur and Google drive when sending visual references.

Request Form

Please make sure you leave an email that you check frequently. I will usually get back to you within 1-3 days via email/discord.

Select illustration type

Thanks for submitting!

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