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Term of Service


  1. "I" mentioned on this page refers to the seller Arusuko.

  2. The Terms and Conditions listed on this page apply to any transaction between the seller Arusuko and the buyer.

  3. All "item(s)", "file(s)', "commission(s)" refer to digital illustration(s) that are created by Arusuko.

General rule

  1. All commissions only include the digital file of the illustration unless stated otherwise.

  2. Paypal Invoice will be the main method for payments, invoices are due within 1 week by default.

  3. A payment plan is available for commissions over $50.  ​

  4. The completed illustration will only be sent to the client once the invoice has been fully paid. 

  5. I have the right to reject a commission if I think it does not suit my style or I'm not confident with the theme. Please do not take it as an insult in any way.

Commission Terms and Condition

Please read the Terms and Conditions below carefully before paying any invoice. 
Only make a payment when you agree with the following:

  1. This invoice is for a digital, customised illustration, the item(s) you purchased will be entirely digital. 

    1. Nothing will be printed nor mailed to your address after you have paid for the invoice.

    2. There will not be any tracking information for the digital items.

    3. You have seen the sketch(es) of all item(s) listed in this invoice and are confident to proceed with having the item(s) finalised and completed by the seller (Arusuko).

    4. You understand that all item(s) listed in this invoice are created and customised by the seller (Arusuko) based on the information provided by the buyer (you), meaning any change of mind refund request can not be fulfilled as these items have no resell value.

    5. For enquires regarding the progress of the illustration, you will need to communicate directly with the seller. (Arusuko)

  2. The item(s) you purchased will be sent to you via your nominated communication method once completed(Email/Discord/Twitter/Instagram)

    1. If your nominated communication method is unreachable for over 4 weeks after the illustration is completed. The file(s) will be sent to your Paypal email address.

    2. The seller (Arusuko) will not be liable for any loss of digital item(s) purchased in this invoice once it has been sent to the buyer(you).

  3. All item(s) listed in the invoice will be created and expected to be completed within 6 months unless otherwise stated. 

  4. The item(s) you purchase in this invoice are for personal use only, commercial usage is not permitted. (Such as reprinting or reselling) 

  5. The item(s) you purchase in this invoice will be published publicly on social media platforms unless otherwise stated. 

  6. You are over 18 and are paying using your own account. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please send me an email at


  1. You (buyer) have the right to cancel the commission after a sketch has been provided to you. 

  2. Minor changes can be made to the illustration(s) after you confirmed the sketch.

  3. Cost may incur for major changes requested for the illustration(s) after you confirmed the sketch.

  4. Commissions generally take 2-4 weeks to complete(when there is no queue), and no longer than 6 months. 

  5. Any time limit or deadline regarding the commission must be advised when you provide the commission detail.

  6. All commissions could be posted on social media platforms and this website unless otherwise stated in the invoice.

Usage Permission

  1. Please never claim the design and illustration as your own creation. 

  2. You do not need to ask me if you want to use my fan art for social media icons or wallpaper. Credits are appreciated however not necessary in this situation. 

  3. Do not use a commission artwork for any purposes if you are not the one who requested it. 

  4. You can repost my artworks with proper credits linking to the original source.

  5. All prices listed are for personal use only. You can print out the illustration for yourself but you can not sell it to anyone else. Please request a quote if you want to commission for commercial purposes.

Content Monertisation

  • Additional fees will only apply if your videos are monetised and earn more than $100 for each video.

Commission process

Explanation for new clients 

Designer At Work

Step 1 Email

Fill in the request form and send it to me via any social media that you prefer. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Dakimakura clients: please make sure you enquire with your printing company and confirm the minimum canvas size required to print. 

Step 2 Sketching

After I accepted your commission, I will give you my payment information and start sketching.

A WIP will be sent to you before I start inking. Please point out any pose, character expression problem, and I will fix it before I start inking.

There will be no major changes* after you have confirmed the sketch.

If you don't like the sketch, you can either ask me to sketch a few more options or terminate the commission without extra cost.


Step 3 Inking

I will only start inking after I received the payment.

An inked(line art) version of your commission will be sent to you after a few days; this will be the last WIP you will see before it finishes. Please point out any missing or incorrect detail. 
Remember to reply to my email/note again so I can start colour in.

Step 4 Colouring

The commission will be done after I finished colour in. I will send you the original file via DA stash or email.

Thank you for commissioning me! 

*Major changes include changing either pose, outfit or adding a new character or item. Extra costs will be charged based on the difficulty of the request. 
Minor changes such as changing facial expression/adding small accessories/colour changes are accepted.

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